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Black Wildebeest $1,050.00
Blue Wildebeest $1,050.00
Blesbuck – common $385.00
Blesbuck – white $600.00
Bontebuck $1,650.00
Buffalo (from) $16,000.00
Bush pig $550.00
Bushbuck $1,050.00
Duiker (grey) $390.00
Duiker (red) $1,750.00
Eland $2,200.00
Elephant (from) P.O.R
Fallow Deer $880.00
Gemsbuck $1,450.00
Hippopotamus (from) $9,500.00
Impala $380.00
Jackal $100.00
Klipspringer $1,200.00
Kudu (under 53 inches) $2,200.00
Kudu (above 53 inches) $2,950.00
Lechwe – red $3,550.00
Leopard P.O.R
Lioness P.O.R
Lion P.O.R
Red Hartebeest $1,150-00
Reedbuck (common) $950.00
Reedbuck (mountain) $750.00
Rhee buck (grey) P.O.R
Nyala $2,650.00
Ostrich $350.00
Roan antelope $17,500.00
Sable antelope $10,500.00
Springbuck (black) $1,650.00
Springbuck (common) $550.00
Springbuck (white) $1,050.00
Springbuck (copper) P.O.R
Steenbuck $380.00
Warthog $350.00
Waterbuck $2,250.00
White Rhino P.O.R
Zebra Burchell's $1,600.00




1 x 1 Plains game $350.00 per person per day,
2 x 1 Plains game $275.00 per person per day, Observer $225.00 per person per day,
Rest day $180.00 per person per day,
Transfer day $180.00 per person per day.

Bird hunting

Bird hunts:

1x gun $450.00 per day,

2-3 Bird hunters- $400.00 per day,

4+ Bird hunters- $350.00 per day.







Booking, reservation ad payment:

Plains game:

For plains-game hunting excursions a deposit equivalent to 20% of the package amount is required within seven (7) days of your booking, to secure reservations and dates. All-inclusive packages 20% of total package. Traditional plains game hunting 20% of day fees are payable. The balance of all outstanding amounts are payable upon completion of your hunting safari, by cash or EFT.

Please note that a travelling day is considered to be a hunting day.

Dangerous Game:

A deposit of 50% is required at the time of your reservation, and the full amount at the time of confirmation of your hunting safari, unless otherwise agreed upon during negotiations.
Cancellation terms and conditions will vary in each case and depends on factors such as permits obtained and other costs incurred in respect of the safari.

Please note that a travelling day is considered to be a hunting day.


For cancellations longer than 90 days prior to your arrival, the balance of your deposit will be refunded, after an amount equivalent to 10% of the full amount of the booking has been deducted in respect of administrative costs incurred.
With regards to cancellations 60 days or less prior to your arrival, the entire deposit is forfeited to cover costs incurred by Zirk's African Hunting Safaris

Daily rates include:

- All road transport from and to local airports
- Professional hunter services
- Camp, staff, skinner and tracking services
- Accommodation
- Meals and reasonable drinks
- Field transport
- Daily laundry services
- Field trophy preparation

Daily rates exclude:

- Staff gratuities
- Taxidermist charges
- Trophy shipment costs
- Disinfecting, packaging, forwarding insurance of trophies from taxidermist to airports
- Air travel to and from concession areas


Although Zirk's African Hunting Safari's takes every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients, Zirk's African Hunting Safari's will not be responsible or held liable for any loss suffered, damage, injury or death by any client or property suffered by the client and the client hereby waives its rights to claim for such loss or damage. The jurisdiction of the South African Courts will be the sole jurisdiction.

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