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You have just taken the first step towards the most unforgettable safari trip of a lifetime!


You have just taken the first step towards the most unforgettable safari trip of a lifetime!

Whether you prefer plains game hunting, the magnificent Big Five, hunting in South Africa or Zimbabwe, Zirk’s African Hunting Safaris takes great pride in making your safari affordable and truly memorable.

The anticipation during preparation for the journey, the thrill of being on the African Continent, the excitement at dawn before the hunt, the stress until the sighting, the concentration of the stalk, the exhilaration of the well-placed shot and the reflections of the day around the evening campfire are experiences that draw hunters back to Africa time and time again!                                                                                              

South Africa is located at the Southern most tip of the beautiful African  Continent. South Africa’s diverse species, ease of travel and modern amenities all make it the perfect destination for safari hunters.


The terrain where the hunting will take place in South Africa can vary considerably from the dry Kalahari dessert in the Northern Cape to the majestic mountains in the Eastern Cape, to the lush bush areas in Limpopo.

We have various concessions all around South Africa. Good to excellent hunting trophies are taken each year. Hunters are assured of receiving their trophies after the hunt and this brings piece of mind to all clients.


Zirk Roeloffse: Professional hunter & Outfitter:

Zirk_RoeloffseZirk Roeloffse was born and raised in South Africa where he started hunting with his father at a very young age. Zirk started hunting professionally at the age of 21 and did his apprenticeship under David Tennant. For those that knew David will know that he was the best there was in the hunting industry.  Zirk has been a Professional Hunter for over 13 years and has hunted neighboring countries since 2007. Zirk has a great knowledge of the Fauna and Flora with a amicable personality. Zirk is very professional in what he does, and you will never have a dull moment while on safari with him.




Other Professional Hunters on our team

Scott Lintner, USA contact

USA representative ScottScott is one of the more experienced hunters and have hunted the Big 5 personally and enjoys the outdoors when he has the opportunity! Scott can be contacted via e-mail regarding any questions regarding hunting plains game or Big 5 in South Africa. Scott is a good example that at ZA hunting Safaris client’s become true friends. Click here to contact Scott



PieterPieter is a part time Professional Hunter and helps out with the bigger groups of hunters. Pieter was born and raised in South Africa and started hunting at a very young age. Pieter is a experienced hunter in more than one way! His knowledge and experience will enhance your trip in every way. Pieter has been hunting for over 15 years and hunted several record book animals. Whether you prefer plains game hunting, the magnificent Big Five, hunting in South Africa or Zimbabwe, Pieter will be part of your Safari to make it truly memorable.




IzakIzak is one of ZA HUNTING SAFARIS Professional Hunters that helps with big groups of hunters. He is an experienced hunter in plains game and Big Five. Izak hunts in Zimbabwe and South Africa, he takes a lot of pride in what he does and how he hunts. Izak is very passionate about hunting and will make sure that you always get a trophy animal that you will be proud of! Izak is a full time Professional Hunter for the past 10 years. Regardless of what hunt you decide on, plains game or Big Five, Izak will make sure you have a great memorable hunt.


"SAKO" Director Field Operations


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