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Scientific Name:

Dama dama dama


Male: summer coat is reddish-brown with white spots. Palm shaped (palmate) antlers. Long, black, white-fringed tail & white, black-bordered rump.
Female : smaller than male, no antlers but same coat colour. In winter, the coat has no spots & is dark grey. In some regions there are deer which are pale brown with spots (menil) as well as both black & white varieties.


The deer has a remarkable adaptability and can make itself at home in a wide variety of habitats from woodland to mountain ranges.


Native to the Mediterranean region & parts of the Middle East. Introduced widely in Europe, and to parts of North & South America, southern Africa & Australasia.

Size :

Height:- 70 - 95 / Weight:- 40 - 100kg / Antlers:- 60 - 95cm


10 to 12 years.

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