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Daily rate:  $990.00 per day per hunter & $455 per day per non-hunter     
Trophy Elephant: $21 500.00  (Minimum 12 days required)


Buffalo Bull:

Daily rate: $ 850-00 per day per hunter &  $455-00 per day per non hunter
Trophy Buffalo:     $ 6500-00  (Min 7 days required)





Daily rate: $850.00 per day per hunter & $ 455.00 per non hunter per day
Trophy Leopard: $8500.00  (Min 12 days required)

Hippo / Crocodile:

Daily rate: $ 850.00 per day & $ 455.00 per non hunter per day
Trophy Hippo /Crocodile: $4650.00 (Min 7 days required)


Daily rate: $ 850-00 per day per hunter & $ 455.00 per non hunter per day
Trophy Sable: $ 6500-00  (Min 7 days required)



-    Hyena -$ 1100-00
-    Chobe Bushbuck -$ 1100-00

  • All the above prices exclude shipping from Matabela land Taxidermy to the desired place or country!
  • An estimated price of dipping and shipping from Matabela Land Taxidermy will be around $450-00 per trophy.Depending on the size and animal. Time frame to get trophies out from Zimbabwe will be a minimum of five (5) months.
  • Airline tickets from South Africa to Victoria Falls.


Hunting ElephantHunting Elephant,

Hunting one of the great and silent giants is a thrill on its own. Elephant, for their size and numbers, are one of the most silent movers that one can track and loose in one day. The right size track and the dung (that shows you that the bull cannot chew his food any more) will make your hart stop for a few moments.

Hunting an elephant bull will be very challenging, just like buffalo. You will track lots of different bulls but will see very little of them. Smaller bulls do have a real temper and can cause you a few hairy moments just like the females.


Hunting Buffalo,

Hunting Buffalo in South Africa, Zimbabwe or any other place in Africa is a thrilling and adrenalin rush! From the moment that you find the fresh tracks to where you see your bull for the first time. Working hard on your buffalo hunt is part of the fun, but can be frustrating.

Tracking a herd for the whole day and finding what you are looking for is not there is just one of the things that can go wrong! Finding the right bull during your hunt is most likely the hardest part and can be very physical. Every morning driving around looking for the right tracks and then to follow them until the heat of the day makes you sit under a shady tree and wonder why you are doing this!

Your question will be answered the moment you finally find your bull and the first shot is put into the kill zone of your bull. Your hunt can be over in just one well placed shot or you will find out why buffalo hunting is BUFFALO HUNTING. We don’t give them their names for no reason, Nyati, Black Tank! They can run hard and far with a well placed big calibre bullet and still wait for you in a thick bush to get their revenge.

To hunt your buffalo with a 375 H&H is the minimum required calibre for such a hunt. We believe that the client must be well know and practised with his or her rifle, but bigger is better.

Hunting Leopard,

Hunting African Leopard is one of the most challenging hunts that one can have on a safari. During the hunt you have to out think and outsmart your leopard in more than one way. Being patient is the most rewarding. After a few days your hard work finally comes together!

Hunting one of Africa’s most challenging and dangerous cats is very hard work and a lot of preparation. From the first day when you start looking for a perfect place to start hanging your baits and where to do your drags. Leopard is one of your most clever and cunning animals that can be hunted, that’s why the end result is so rewarding.

In all the excitement and fun in the baiting and checking of the baits, when you get a hit on one bait and you can see that it is a good size male by the track. The building of the blind and how careful one must be not to disturb the area too much. The leopard is very sensitive if one disturbs the area too much. During the first afternoon when you get into the blind how everything must be perfect. BE VERY STILL!

Hunting the leopard is an out think and outsmart hunt where the hunter must be sensitive to the sounds of the bush! Listening to the every movement and rustle. And then he is there!

Hunting leopard is one of the most rewarding hunts and one of the most frustrating hunts that one can do. You will never know what other hunters mean by their stories until you have tried it yourself.

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